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PTL Spekta

PTL Spekta

by ProtoType
Individual Styles from $42.00
Complete family of 16 fonts: $250.00
PTL Spekta Font Family was designed by Connor Lyon and published by ProtoType. PTL Spekta contains 16 styles and family package options.

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About PTL Spekta Font Family

Spekta is an unorthodox Neo-Grotesk typeface devoted to versatility and beauty.

Originally designed as an all-caps display typeface influenced by Bauhaus and early grotesque forms, Spekta switched priorities and evolved into a well-equipped 8-weight workhorse boasting 667 characters and italics to boot.

Spekta’s focus on condensed forms and a greater x-height and cap height difference compared to typical Grotesque types allows for increased legibility at smaller sizes while utilising less horizontal space. Despite this, Spekta respects its display-type roots with elegant forms influenced by a mix of early and modern Grotesque typefaces and countless trial-and-error. Additionally, two sets of diacritics (marks such as acutes, graves, circumflexes, and so on) have been designed to further improve readability and reading flow, an atypical feature for most typefaces.

Spekta is devoted to versatility, handing control to the designer with 8 stylistic sets (that only affect a single character and not a group of them), 4 number sets, true superscript, subscript, and scientific subscript characters (unlike what design softwares generate), ordinals, alternative and full-width characters, and much more.

Designers: Connor Lyon

Publisher: ProtoType

Foundry: ProtoType

Design Owner: ProtoType

MyFonts debut: Jul 6, 2022

PTL Spekta

About ProtoType

Founded in 2022, UK-based type foundry ProtoType was borne with experimentation at its core. All projects conjured in our labs seek to harness the balance between order and chaos, form and function, trend and timelessness. Customisability is a big priority, always striving to give designers more power via opentype features and expansive character sets.

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