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Quarter Braille

Quarter Braille

by Echopraxium
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Quarter Braille Font Family was designed by Michel Kern and published by Echopraxium. Quarter Braille contains 1 styles.

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About Quarter Braille Font Family


QuarterBraille (Abbreviated as "QB" thereafter) is a decorative, steganographic and lattice font. Its core design concept is that Braille dots are represented as "quarters of a square"[1]. This is illustrated by posters 1 and 2 (NB: these glyph parts will be called "QB dots" thereafter).

The other glyph parts (see poster 3) are purely decorative and meaningless in terms of Braille dots encoding[2]. All glyph parts are meant to generate a wide variety of patterns from horizontal and vertical combinations of glyphs.

There is also a graphic convention to differentiate uppercase from lowercase letters with the presence or absence of shape subparts (in the "endings", "quarter of a circle with a ring" and "quarter of a diamond with a small square in the middle") like shown by poster 4.

This font is suitable for very short texts (e.g. logos, acronyms, quotes, ambigrams, pangrams, palindromes, etc...) but on the other hand it may be used for steganographic purpose like geocaching as well as fictive alphabets (e.g. Alien/SciFi/Fantasy/Antique civilizations).


1. Font Logo: the displayed text is " Quarter " followed by " Braille". There's a rainbow layer above the text to highlight the "QB dots", this is achieved by A..Z glyphs with "only QB dots" (codes 230..255)

2. Anatomy of a Glyph (L) and "QB Dots" (quarters of a square)

3. Glyphs Parts: Square and Cross (Inverted square), Circle and Inverted Circle (with or without the small circle in the middle), Diamond (with or without the small square in the middle), Inverted Square and Circle, Shape combos, Ending

4. Uppercase vs Lowercase (tiny shape subparts are shown in red)

5. Sample 1: Bathroom sink with QB tiles on the credence

6. Sample 2: Hands knuckle tatoos: "LOVE/HATE"[4]

7. Sample 3: Poker Hand: pocket Aces. It's an Ace of Hearts (Ah) on the left and an Ace of Spades (As) on the right. Like in regular cards, the card value (e.g. Ah) is displayed twice: at the top and rotated by 180 degrees at the bottom. This poster also illustrates that QB could be used to print embossed playing cards with tactile and visual display of card values.

8. Sample 4: Pangram: "Adept quick jog over frozen blue whisky mix"

9. Sample 5: Latin Magic Square: "SATOR AREPO TENET OPERA ROTAS" (NB: for compensation of the 2/3 glyph ratio, letters on each line are separated by a space: "S A T O R", ...).

10. Sample 6: Quote of Mahatma Gandhi: "Learn as if you will live forever, live like you will die tomorrow.". This is also a demonstration of border glyphs combinations.

11. Sample 7: Steganography use case: the text is a sequence of 64 aminoacids (1 Letter notation), this protein was described in a research paper "The complete Aminoacid sequence of an amyloid fibril protein AA of unusual size (64 residues) 1975".

12. Sample 8: Border Glyphs with the provided styles and mixed styles. The words are the same than in poster 9 ("SATOR AREPO TENET OPERA ROTAS"). Despite the 2/3 glyph ratio, the "TENET cross" was achieved by both inserting spaces in horizontally ("T ENE T") and by using the "thin borders glyphs".


a. Border glyphs[3] are meant to enhance the esthetics of text samples displayed with QB

b. Special characters (e.g. *$()[].,;:&@# ...) are provided and follow the NABCC (North American Braille Computer Code) convention.

c. A..Z Glyphs with only the "QB dots" are provided as demonstrated by posters 1 and 2 (A/N: this was very useful to create them).

d. Glyph Map: 32..64: Special characters - 161..187: "Thin variant" of Border glyphs, 192..229: Border glyphs, 230..255: A..Z with only the "QB dots" - Codes 176 an 181 are "regular SPACE" (empty glyph).


1. There is indeed two shapes which represent the braille dot: the "quarter of a square" and the "quarter of a cross". It's because a cross may be considered as an "inverted square" because the square corners are merged in the center.

2. That's why the SPACE glyph is only made of decorative/meaningless glyph parts (i.e. no "QB dots").

3. For other fonts with border glyphs, please take a look at my other "decorative Braille fonts" (GoBraille, HexBraille, KernigBraille, StackBraille, MaBraille, DiamondBraille, LorraineBraille).

4. LOVE/HATE knuckle tatoos are inspired by the anthology scene from "The Night of the Hunter" movie (Charles Laughton 1955), it also appearead in "Do The Right Thing" movie (Spike Lee 1989).


This font is not appropriate and not meant to print text documents in Braille for the blind readers audience.

Designers: Michel Kern

Publisher: Echopraxium

Foundry: Echopraxium

Design Owner: Echopraxium

MyFonts debut: Nov 15, 2022

Quarter Braille

About Echopraxium

Echopraxium foundry makes unconventional typefaces e.g: * Decorative / Steganographic Braille typefaces (e.g. Diamond Braille) * Glyph designed to gather as a lattice(e.g: Hex Braille / Kernig Braille) * Substitution cypher (e.g. LSPK90H, a Leetspeak variant meant to be read clockwise) * Anticipated/Foreseen - Symbols / Icons / Tesselation / Colored typefaces - Non Roman / Antique / Scifi / Fantasy alphabets \\//_Dif-tor heh smusma (LLAP: “Live long and prosper”)

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