Radomir Tinkov
Based in Sofia, Bulgaria, Radomir Tinkov began his career as a graphic and web designer. “Typography is an essential part of almost every aspect of life and design in particular,” he says, “so it got me curious and little by little I started to create fonts on the side.” His earliest designs were limited to mainly display faces, but he knew that he wanted to create a deeper type library filled with more versatile and useful designs. “As time passed, I learned more and more and began to create custom typefaces to solve real problems in other design projects I was working on and just like that, my first marketable font was created.” Radomir officially created his foundry in 2009 with his MyFonts debut of Shinbi. Since then, this one man show has released a library boasting a wide range of styles including everything from best selling Qanelas, a modern sans serif with a geometric touch, to Maya Script, a playful script face. He has collaborated on Fontfabric’s best selling designs such as Sensa, Intro Rust, Nexa Rust and Muller. Constantly engaged in the design process, Radomir Tinkov’s unique style and voice will continue to make waves in the design community in the years to come. “For me design is a way you look at life and typography is a major part of it.”

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