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RAN Font Family was designed by Volker Schnebel and published by URW Type Foundry. RAN contains 5 styles and family package options.

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About RAN Font Family

RAN Reformed Typeface for Beginners by Georg Salden - 
a headstrong and courageous approach to an improved handling of handwriting. Diverse and sometimes irreconcilable theories exist about how beginners are supposed to learn writing and reading. This has led to fierce discussions among experts already. We don’t want to pour more oil on the fire, but hope to create a new awareness for this topic, which is important to everyone of us. For beginners the combination of single characters (sounds) to whole words is essential during the acquirement of reading and writing. In this process they develop the skill to recall entire terms from memory. Therefore, after current practice, every word shall be written in a single stroke without lifting the pen in between. Georg Salden contradicts this postulate and warns, that coercively holding the pen down within a word can easily lead to exaggerated loop formations and a general meandering of the written text. The intellectual process in connecting single sounds to words while writing would happen anyway and the prohibition to lift the pen would often lead to tensions. 
To still support the necessary connections in general and to simplify the connecting, he teaches to write all round letters like a, e, g, o with inclusion of the connecting stroke, so that the spacing and combining with the next character arise by themselves. By settling the stroke at certain points and with a clear and logical writing method, a conscious and careful contact with the various strokes arises. All this automatically leads, together with a certain deceleration, to an increase of beauty and readability in the handwriting. 
The repeatedly discussed topic »connected or unconnected« appears to be solved in the most comfortable way as, depending on the particular character combination, both solutions are possible.

Designers: Volker Schnebel

Publisher: URW Type Foundry

Foundry: URW Type Foundry

Design Owner: URW Type Foundry

MyFonts debut: Oct 27, 2016


About URW Type Foundry

URW Type Foundry GmbH is a German company with a long and rich history in type design and engineering. As the direct successor of digital type pioneer URW GmbH, it continues to design and develop first class typefaces and custom projects. URW Type Foundry GmbH is renowned for a comprehensive library, a specialization in global font technology, and its overall role in type development.

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