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by ffeeaarr
Individual Styles from $9.00
Raxye Font Family was designed by ahmad taufik and published by ffeeaarr. Raxye contains 1 styles.

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About Raxye Font Family

is a testament to modernity, featuring clean, minimalist lines that exude a sense of precision and technological advancement. Its characters are meticulously crafted, embodying a sleek aesthetic that effortlessly captures the essence of the digital age.

The font’s dynamic soul comes to life through its innovative design elements. Each letter is infused with a sense of movement, as if propelled forward by the relentless force of progress. The sharp angles and fluid curves create a visual rhythm that mirrors the pulse of a rapidly evolving world.

Designers: ahmad taufik

Publisher: ffeeaarr

Foundry: ffeeaarr

Design Owner: ffeeaarr

MyFonts debut: Feb 6, 2024


About ffeeaarr

ffeeaarr is a new typefoundry. ffeeaarr name was build by fear, yeah thats righ.we come from fear and we afraid about risk. but we try to push our limit and being independent. we provide abstract, logo, tech, & more style of fonts. its challenging for us, we started as beginner and never stop to learn. we hope you like what we provide. thank you for support us

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