Ricardo Rousselot
Ricardo Rousselot, began is career in the 50s, started in Buenos Aires working for the Graphic World of those days, in 1961 he and his family moved to Chicago, where he was extremely lucky to work with reputed Calligraphers and Lettering Artist, such as Bill Ficho and Carl Corley (who in his youth was Frederic Goudy pupil). There were others who taught him lettering, among them, Ferrell Daniels, from whom he learned Rennaisance Calligraphy. Rousselot has been in the business for a long time, and still is, the entire time drawing characters of all kinds, in various countries, so no need to bore anyone with a long Curriculum Vitae, just go to Google, and search for "ricardo rousselot". I´ve done everything, but nothing has ever kept me away from my first love: the alphabet. I´ve tried to improve it each day, inspired by the letters on Trajan´s column: never to be forgotten, without equal... Calligraphy must be expressive and clear, emanating warmth and ´joie de vivre´. ´Anything worthy of being written is worth being written well´. Ricardo Rousselot publishes his own fonts through his EdyType foundry.

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