Robert Petrick
I remember when I was in High school I was picked to design the logo & cover for the school play which was “On the Waterfront”, unfortunately, I don't have a copy. I do credit that piece for the beginning of my fascination with hand lettering and how it can help to convey not only meaning but passion, power etc. Not to mention the pure pleasure of working with letters. From there I began my journey into lettering and font design. In my long graphic career I mostly focused on the entertainment industry creating logos and film title design for the music & video industry, anything that was fun. This is what I bring to my font designing. Entertainment is still my focus. Plus a long study and ongoing experiments with the letter form. I am also a painter and these two passions have rivaled for my attention, as my website shows, for the last 40 years. See more of my work at: Also check me out on Facebook “Font and Letter Form Experiment”.

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