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Rosart and Fleisch Hi Res

Rosart and Fleisch Hi Res

by California Type Foundry
Individual Styles from $19.00
Complete family of 12 fonts: $149.00
Rosart and Fleisch Hi Res Font Family was designed by Dave Lawrence, Johann Michael Fleischman, Jacques-François Rosart and published by California Type Foundry. Rosart and Fleisch Hi Res contains 12 styles and family package options.

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About Rosart and Fleisch Hi Res Font Family

This font is not just historic, but classy, timeless, and in its current form, a modern classic.

The original Titling Caps and icons Jacque François Rosart painstakingly carved, now meticulously digitized to be a true, accurate, and complete representation of the original designs. You can get the fully matching family with "ALL", or choose the set that meets your immediate needs:

Zodiac and Constellations - The Stars Have Aligned into a Great Font So what's your sign? Whatever it is, R&F has it, and in so many ways! Pictograph, symbol, constellation and picto-constellation are all included. Constellations are useable even in scientific and education settings: based on current star charts and matched to Bayer designations, these stars shine both in design and accuracy!

  • Includes Rosart's original moon and sun faces.
  • Faces for the planets to match those for the sun and moon.
  • Rosart's symbols for the planets.
  • Astrology symbols including, Rosart’s pictographs for the twelve signs.
  • Constellations of the Zodiac from precise star charts.
  • Precise small star shapes, so you can design other constellations.
  • Pinwheel, saltires, asterisks, solid stars, and even the Christmas star.
  • Dave Lawrence, "Each symbol was carefully designed to match the main font."

Alchemy Symbols - Turns A Design into Gold From labeling your cupboard of magical ingredients to getting one step closer to the golden goose, these rare alchemical symbols are a treasure trove of possibilities. Including:

  • classic symbols for elements
  • combinations
  • medicinals
  • chemistry
  • mathematical symbols
  • Includes music symbols for titling, as well as Verse and Response symbols.

Seasons - Symbols to Keep Things Organized Throughout the Year

  • Classic weather stylings, including old fashioned lightning and an eclipsing moon with the four-o'clock shadow.
  • Map Markers
  • Religious Symbols
  • Phases of the moon.
  • Pointing symbols: fingers, arrows, triangles, with circles

Matching Italics CAL's Dimension Slant™ Instead of sloping all the pictures and drawings to an even slant, a multidimensional approach was used. And each symbol was evaluated and crafted individually.

Pro World1 Font The pro world font contains all of these:

  • Latin Standard set
  • Rosart's original backwards X alternate. Alternate U shape.
  • In the italic: swash variants for the J, Q, and Y.
  • Proportional Lining (default), proportional old style, small caps figures.
  • CAL Dimension Slant, for dynamic italics
  • Includes Rosart's original moon and sun faces, along with additional faces for each planet.
  • Rosart’s symbols for the planets and pictographs for the twelve signs of the zodiac.
  • Constellations of the Zodiac along with small star shapes.
  • Large stars, pinwheel, saltires, asterisks
  • Symbols for chemistry
  • Medicine
  • Music symbols
  • Mathematical symbols
  • Pointing symbols like the finger, acorn, arrow and triangle.
  • Geometrical shapes.

Plus these more:

  • Latin Pro character set for central European languages and Turkish.
  • Rare kerns for Polish, Czech, Slovakian and others.
  • Ligatures needed for some central European orthographies.
  • Lowered German Umlauts for better line spacing.
  • Cyrillic uppercase and small caps for eastern Europe, southern Europe, and Russia, with kerning.
  • Rosart’s original Greek uppercase and small caps, but also tonos for monotonic Greek.
  • Vietnamese, which has been kerned.
  • Pinyin, including a special form of the Ü so that titles can be set closer.
  • Numbers: A set of stacking (nut) fractions, along with very elegant automatic fractions
  • A large set of currency symbols in lining, old style, small caps, denominator and numerator sizes.
  • Our first Retail Pricing Feature: (ss03 + ss04) Just turn on the feature and type $1.99 and Rosart will do the rest.
  • Ampersand alternates.
  • Numerator sized musical sharp and flat symbols.

Dave Lawrence, “From the moment I saw these letters I knew I had to make this typeface. What I didn’t know was that I would end up drawing most of Rosart’s special symbols... But it was too hard to resist."

Rosart and Fleisch Hi Res

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