Roxane Gataud
Roxane Gataud (1991) is an independent typeface designer from France. She studied graphic design for four years before enrolling in 2012 in the typeface design program Typographie & Language of Esad Amiens. There, Roxane designed her first original typeface, Bely, then graduated with honors in 2014. The same year, she was awarded by TypeTogether’s first Typeface Publishing Incentive Program and Bely was released in January 2016. Since graduation, Roxane collaborated with different foundries such as Type Together, Production Type, Typefactory and Typofonderie. In May 2016 Roxane was chosen by SOTA as the recipient of the 2016 Catalyst award. When she is not developing typefaces for other designers, Roxane designs her own typefaces. She lives in Paris where she also collects fruit labels, dinosaurs, and pictures of type in the wild.

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