RVM Creative

"This foundry is an extension of the creative passion that I (Rachel McBride) have possessed since the beginning of my days. I'm not new in the world of graphic design, or design in general, and I enjoy exploring all parts of design. Font building is a really unique practice, because it requires both letting loose and exercising control. That's what makes it so unique. Aside from letters and language being a huge part of most people's lives, they also can create more of an emotional experience than we give them credit for. This foundry is for me and by me; I felt it was important to do something that is solely focused on capturing my own vision and articulating it, rather than doing so for a client or customer. Customers are able to take my vision and share it, rather than us collaborating on an idea. This is really special, because it's universal instead of individual. That's shown in my fonts, and hopefully everyone here feels the same way!"