Sascha Timplan
Sascha Timplan is a graphic and type designer based in Trier, Germany. He runs his own small type foundry, Stereotypes. Sascha wants to offer type faces that are in some way unique and not blending in, but also classic typefaces. Sascha is interested in everything that is well designed, from fashion to architecture, good newspapers — everything that surrounds us in our everyday life. His curriculum vitae is as straight as an amplitude wave from a song. Interested in everything that is new, Sascha worked as a freelance graphic designer after graduating from school without taking an apprenticeship. He has DJ’ed for over 14 years in local clubs and made lots of flyers and nightclub posters. After realizing the importance of a good education in design beside his interest, he started studying graphic design in Trier. His love of type was growing more and more; he started to draw his first letters in 2006 and learning the rules of type design. Stereotypes, his foundry, launched in 2009.

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