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Sassoon Joined NORDIC

Sassoon Joined NORDIC® by Sassoon-Williams
Individual Styles from $66.00
Complete family of 5 fonts: $299.00
Sassoon Joined NORDIC Font Family was designed by Adrian Williams, Rosemary Sassoon and published by Sassoon-Williams. Sassoon Joined NORDIC contains 5 styles and family package options. More about this family

About Sassoon Joined NORDIC Font Family

These fonts will


in your OpenType application as shown in the posters above. Choose

Use Contextual Alternates

option in your app to get basic recommended baseline joins for teaching. Additionally, use can choose from

7 Stylistic Sets

of alternative letterforms that are so important for Teachers. Create ‘pen lifts’ anytime too! Fonts display unjoined by default on this website and are delivered that way - joining is controlled by your application. Designed for teaching children, these fonts enable progressive pupil exercises for a smooth transition between separate letters and the teaching of joined handwriting. Purchase a single font or the complete package contains the typeface ‘Sassoon Joined’ in a Regular weight only, for the 5 Nordic languages;










(Svenska), with


as the default language in all fonts. These fonts are for use with a compatible OpenType applications such as Word to get joined text. Or, enter " | " between letters for unjoined text.

Free to download resources

Stylistic Sets and how to access the alternative letters feature in these OpenType fonts

Purchasers of this font package may use their Order Number to receive a free Copybook PDF by Rosemary Sassoon recommended for effective teaching

Designers: Adrian Williams, Rosemary Sassoon

Publisher: Sassoon-Williams

Foundry: Sassoon-Williams

Design Owner: Sassoon-Williams

MyFonts debut: Dec 1, 2017

Sassoon Joined NORDIC® is a registered trademark of Sassoon & Williams.

About Sassoon-Williams

The Sassoon® font collection is a collaboration between Dr. Rosemary Sassoon and Adrian Williams. Dr. Sassoon is a noted designer who specialised in the educational and medical aspects of handwriting. After discovering that no one had found out what kind of letterforms children found easiest to read, she spent two years of research on the subject before designing the original Sassoon Primary typeface. In 1985 she began her partnership with type designer Adrian Williams to create, develop and sell a whole range of fonts for schools and publishers to assist with handwriting and reading education.