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Seibi clerical script (Seireisho)

Seibi clerical script (Seireisho)

by Nihon Literal
Individual Styles from $169.00
Complete family of 2 fonts: $338.00
Seibi clerical script (Seireisho) Font Family was designed by published by Nihon Literal. Seibi clerical script (Seireisho) contains 2 styles and family package options.

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About Seibi clerical script (Seireisho) Font Family

An orthodox clerical script typeface featuring the flattened characters and sweeping brushstrokes typical of the clerical style. Characters are designed with minimal size variations for smooth alignment and readability both in vertical and horizontal typesetting. Also ideal for seal design artwork. 隷書体の特徴である扁平の字体と運筆の払いを生かした、オーソドックスな隷書体です。扁平の字体かつ装飾的な文字ですが、文字の大小が少なくデザインされているため、タテ組もヨコ組もガタつかず、読みやすく組めます。毛筆のかすれやにじみの印象はおさえつつも、隷書体の独特の波打つような運筆を生かしたエレメントが特徴です。


Publisher: Nihon Literal

Foundry: Nihon Literal

Design Owner: Nihon Literal

MyFonts debut: Mar 15, 2019

Seibi clerical script (Seireisho)

About Nihon Literal

Since its foundation, Nihon Literal has accumulated trust and a successful track record mainly in the production of characters used for the headings of book advertisements by publishers and newspaper companies. Among them, "Seibi Font" is a unique typeface brand created to satisfy a customer's request for a font that does not exist in print and typesetting and cannot be represented with existing characters. We will continue to combine the technologies and know-how that have been cultivated over the years in the development of "Seibi Font" and bring passion to the making of fonts by paying attention to details while foremost thinking about customers who wish to convey their sentiments. 日本リテラルは創業以来、主に出版社や新聞社の書籍広告における見出し用文字の制作に携わりながら、多くの信頼と実績を積み重ねてまいりました。 その中で、活字や写植にない書体、または既成の文字では表現できない書体がほしい、というお客様のご要望に応えて誕生した独自の書体ブランド、それが「セイビフォント」です。 これからも私たちは、セイビフォント開発において長年培ってきた技術とノウハウを結集し、思いを伝えたい人のことを第一に考えながら、細部にまでこだわった書体づくりに情熱を注ぎ続けてまいります。

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