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DNP Shueitai

DNP Shueitai

by DNP
Individual Styles from $225.00
Complete family of 17 fonts: $3,825.00
DNP Shueitai Font Family was designed by published by DNP. DNP Shueitai contains 17 styles and family package options.

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About DNP Shueitai Font Family

Shueitai is a typeface that has been undergoing development for more than a century, starting from the days when Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) was still known as Shueisha. As Japan underwent rapid modernization during the early years of the Meiji era, Shueisha, believing that printing was a business befitting a modern civilized society, began operations with a focus on letterpress. Before long the company expanded into developing its own typefaces. In 1912 it completed a full range of Mincho type, in sizes from Sho-go (#0 size, 42pt) through Hachi-go (#8, 4pt), which it called "Shueitai" a new style that came to form one of the two mainstreams of Japanese typefaces and continues to have a significant influence on font design even today. The Shueitai typeface is distinguished by abundant variations matching the size of type and the changing demands of the times. Whether it is the spirited and powerful Sho-go, the delicate and flowing San-go (#3, 16pt), or the bright and solidly reassuring Shuei-Mincho L, all Shueitai typefaces share a vibrant brushwork that adds an expression of eloquence and a burst of brilliance to every printed word. Currently, Shueitai is composed of 17 kinds of fonts useful for various purposes. The world has witnessed vast changes in the environment surrounding the printed world, with the tran-sition first from letterpress to Desktop Publishing, and most recently to e-books. But no matter how this environment might evolve, the written word remains the basis of communication, and the importance of beautiful and readable typefaces stays unchanged. In preparation for the changes that will inevitably come during the future, DNP will continue to evolve the Shueitai designs from now on. Through its continual reinvention, Shueitai, a typeface consistently adopted at the vanguard of the industry, perhaps represents Japanese innovation at its very best.


Publisher: DNP

Foundry: DNP

Design Owner: DNP

MyFonts debut: Jun 21, 2018

DNP Shueitai

About DNP

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) is one of the largest comprehensive printing companies in the world. We provide a variety of products and services in a wide range of business fields to consumers and some 30,000 corporate clients in Japan and around the globe. DNP's main strengths are the printing and information technologies that it has cultivated since its founding in 1876. The Company has used these technologies to branch out from book, magazine and commercial printing into diverse fields including packaging, decorative materials, display components and electronic devices, and has developed many products for which it holds the world's largest market share. DNP's original typeface "Shueitai" is one of them. In preparation for the changes that will inevitably come during the next one hundred years, since 2006 DNP launched a major project for renewing the Shueitai designs. And since 2009 we have licensed out our digital fonts to Desk Top Publishing(DTP), e-book viewer, word processing software and many uses.

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