Graphic and typographic designer Luis Siquot was born in 1945. He studied cinema, architecture, and modern literature in Córdoba between 1964 and 1968 and won first prizes in various design competitions. In 1965 he moved to São Paulo, Brazil, for a year and worked at Editôra Abril, where he learned magazine design. Two years later, he won a scholarship to study at Germany's prestigious Ulm School of Design (HfG), but the school closed the following year. However, at the end of 1969, Siquot traveled to Germany and took advantage of the scholarship to study Visual Communication at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg between 1970 and 1975. Some of his unpublished or unfinished sources emerged during the period from 1968 to 1989. In 1991, he worked in Valencia, Spain, and began designing digital typefaces.In 1995, doing business with partners in Los Angeles, he presented the “Juanita” project to the ITC, consisting of a family of six variables that were finally published in the winter 1966 edition of U&lc magazine.ITC Florinda, ITC Abaton, ITC Portago, ITC Arecibo, ITC Arecibo Too, and ITC Cali, followed Juanita between 1997 and 2004.The current goal is to publish a collection of type designs alongside Monotype, all of which are very attractive.He lives in Córdoba and gives private classes in graphic design and typography.