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Square Slabserif 711

Square Slabserif 711™

by Bitstream
Individual Styles from $39.00
Complete family of 6 fonts: $209.99
Square Slabserif 711 Font Family was designed by Georg Trump and published by Bitstream. Square Slabserif 711 contains 6 styles and family package options.

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About Square Slabserif 711 Font Family

A contemporary revival of early 20th century fonts, the Square Slabserif 711™ typeface family from the Bitstream library is perfect for contemporary print and interactive design projects.
Its geometric structure of right angles and opposing round corners are ideally suited to current imaging devices. An added benefit is that they also give the design an enduring industrial strength demeanor.
Available as three weights with relatively condensed proportions, the Square Slabserif 711 family will surely be a valuable addition to any professional collection of fonts.

Designers: Georg Trump

Publisher: Bitstream

Foundry: Bitstream

Original Foundry: H. Berthold AG

Design Owner: Bitstream

MyFonts debut: null

Square Slabserif 711™ is a trademark of Bitstream Inc.

About Bitstream

Bitstream is known among type enthusiasts and professionals alike as being one of the companies that lead the way towards the democratization of type. For centuries, the type world had been the exclusive domain of skilled typographers who worked large, cumbersome presses. With the birth of digital type though, came a revolution in the industry that enabled Bitstream, one of the first digital type foundries, to help grow the desktop publishing industry. The company’s founders shared a vision in which desktop publishing and digital type would open up doors and allow for the access of previously exclusive typefaces to a broader public audience. Eventually, this idea of opening up the type market led to the development of fonts like Amerigo and New Lincoln Gothic; designs that played huge roles in the launching, and eventual success, of desktop publishing. With best-selling typefaces like Futura in its line up, this library made an enormous impact on the type industry and helped to form it into what it is today.

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