Stefan Willerstorfer
Stefan Willerstorfer was born in Vienna in 1979 and studied design in Austria, in the Netherlands and in England. In The Hague (NL), at the Royal Academy of Art (Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten – KABK), he completed the Type Design course Type and Media with a Master of Design degree. At the University of Reading (UK) he completed the course in Information Design with a Master of Arts degree. In the middle of 2010 he founded the Willerstorfer Font Foundry and released the type family Acorde as the foundry’s first release. In autumn 2010 Stefan Willerstorfer was honoured by winning the Joseph Binder Award in Bronze and in early 2011 he received the Communication Arts Award of Excellence for Acorde. In spring 2011 the Japan Typography Association in Tokyo awarded the Grand Prize of Applied Typography 21 to Stefan Willerstorfer. The jury considered Acorde as particularly outstanding. Stefan Willerstorfer now lives and works in Vienna as an independent designer and has been teaching Design and Typography at the Höhere Graphische Bundeslehranstalt in Vienna since 2009.

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