Stephen Miggas
I feel fortunate to have stumbled into type design some twenty odd years ago—what a great mash-up of art and commerce. I seem to be drawn to creative projects that have an inherent practicality to them; ceramics, building things of all kinds, and of course graphic design, which is practically all practicality, but type design is still the ultimate ‘practical’ creative endeavor to me. I started working as a graphic designer in LA in the early 90s, and have continued to do mostly web design and advertising work as I’ve added to the Aerotype library. I’ve assembled a pretty eclectic group of fonts over the years; some of the fonts I’ve designed were inspired by, or created for projects I’ve worked on. Some just seem to have started themselves. I’ve been doing more with the brush and pen in recent years than ever before. The pen presents an on-going challenge to me, it’s an area that’s fun because there is so much room to grow. At the end of the day the best aspect of type design is the feeling of a silent collaboration with the designer or art director using your font as part of their project, it really is quite an honor. twitter @stevemiggas instagram @stevemiggas

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