StereoType Fonts

Located in Nancy, France, StereoType is a one-man foundry created in 2004 by me, Clément Nicolle. In the beginnings, it was mostly about playing with letters, but it slowly became something most serious. In the same time, I worked as an Art Director in a creative agency, where I developed my passion for letters, starting to draw any title by myself rather than chosing an existing font. This passion never stopped growing until the day I decided to focus only on typography. This is when StereoType was born. What I like is creating bridges between handlettering and fonts, creating fun around typography, trying to produce something fun. The most important is to think about the ""Wow effect"" at the moment when the final user will play with my fonts. Today, my goal is to keep focused on how typography will evolved, to keep offering playful and creative fonts.