Steve Jackaman
Steve Jackaman is a British typographer and type designer with over forty years of experience, and is based in Pennsylvania, USA. Jackaman has had prolific success in the graphic arts industry, and has owned design companies in London, Los Angeles, Boston, and Philadelphia. He currently operates International TypeFounders, Inc. (ITF), a type foundry specializing in all facets of corporate font design and production, historical type revivals, and font software licensing. ITF owns the Red Rooster collection, which features original typeface designs and numerous exclusively licensed font collections, such as: Typsettra/Les Usherwood collection, the Ludlow collection, the Techi-Process (TP) collection, Stephenson Blake, Ltd., the Robert DeLittle collection, Hal Taylor, the Face collection, QBF, Darren Scott, Alessandro Segalini, Foster & Horton, and Arthur Baker. Some of his past and present clients include: Apple, Bank of England, BBC News, BMW, British Airways, British Leyland, British Petroleum (BP), Calvin Klein, Campbell’s, Clinique, Disney, Dr. Seuss, Ford Motor Company, Kraft, Kubota, London Transport, Mars, Microsoft, Nike, Nissan, Penguin Books, Polydor Records, QVC, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Saab, Sprint, Toyota, Virgin Hotels, and Volvo.

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