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Sunny Sumo

Sunny Sumo

by Mix Fonts
Individual Styles from $9.00
Complete family of 3 fonts: $13.00
Sunny Sumo Font Family was designed by Mikko Sumulong and published by Mix Fonts. Sunny Sumo contains 3 styles and family package options.

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About Sunny Sumo Font Family

Meet the MIX SUNNY SUMO, the perfect blend of playful and bold that’s sure to make your designs stand out. This three-piece font family includes SUNNY SUMO, SUNNY SUMO LINE, and SUNNY SUMO XOs, each with their own unique style.

SUNNY SUMO and SUNNY SUMO LINE are layering fonts, which means you can use them separately or stack them to create dynamic designs. And for those fun finishing touches, SUNNY SUMO XOs offers a variety of doodles including X marks, circles, erase marks, and cross-offs that can be used alongside any graphic work.

Designed as a bold handwritten sans serif, SUNNY SUMO is ideal for display fonts and headlines that require attention. This versatile font can be used by designers for logos, book covers, greeting cards, posters, packaging, and so much more.

As a multilingual font, SUNNY SUMO supports multiple languages, including all the characters, glyphs, and accent marks needed for specific languages.

With SUNNY SUMO, you can strike the perfect balance between relatable and professional, making it a great choice for anyone seeking a playful, bold, and fun layering font.

MIX SUNNY SUMO and MIX SUNNY SUMO LINE come with the following glyphs:

  • abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
  • 0123456789 !@#$%^&*()`~♥✿•·
  • .,:;'”\|/?{}[]<>“”‘’-–—_÷×+−±≈=≠≥≤
  • …‚„©®™‹›«»°¹²³¡¿₱¢€£¥½¼¾¶§№†
  • áàâãäȧåăāąæćĉčċçðđďéèêěëėēęḟǵĝǧġḡĥȟḧḣıíìîïīįĵḱǩĺľłḿṁńňñ
  • óòôõöōőøœṕṗŕřṙśŝšşșťṫţțúùûũüůŭūűųẃẁŵẅẇýŷÿźẑžżƶ

MIX SUNNY SUMO XOs comes with the following glyphs:


Designers: Mikko Sumulong

Publisher: Mix Fonts

Foundry: Mix Fonts

Design Owner: Mix Fonts

MyFonts debut: Apr 4, 2023

Sunny Sumo

About Mix Fonts

Welcome to Mix Fonts, where I, Mikko, don the hat of a literal type writer. 🎩✨ Picture a collection of fonts that capture the natural inkiness of a calligrapher and the boldness of an adventurer. That's Mix Fonts—hand lettering wonders that evoke the nostalgic charm of old handwritten letters. I pour my heart and ink into every character, infusing your designs with authenticity and warmth. Whether you're creating for fun or crafting a masterpiece, Mix Fonts brings a touch of magic to your projects. 🖋️✨

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