Thaddeus Szumilas
Thaddeus Szumilas came to the U.S in 1966 seeking freedom in a democratic society. He attended Haaren H.S. and Parson’s School of Design, majoring in Graphic Design. Practical experience under John Pistilli at Sudler & Hennessey ad agency prepared him for the real world of typographic design. Along with Lubalin, Smith & Carnase Design Studio; Thaddeus worked all over the world in a wide range of projects, including book jackets, packaging, corporate identity, entertainment and TV. Experience and portfolio gained him popularity among art directors, in particular for his attention to detail and great ability to design. Thaddeus has been teaching the curriculum of basics and advanced typography at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, for the past 10 years, and persistently keeps designing text and display typefaces. His aim is to introduce innovative, original typefaces to the international audience of marketing and design.

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