The Ampersand Forest

The Ampersand Forest is DC Scarpelli. And probably vice versa. I am a wholly inveterate Type Nerd. I’ve been in love with letterforms my whole life, and, for 16 years, I taught type history, type design, and typography as a college professor. Type is voice, and I love giving people a voice. A variety of voices, actually, so that they can choose whichever one is best for them for a particular context. And I don’t just mean designers, either! Type’s for everyone, and every typeface has a purpose and context.For me, deliciousness—flavor—is key. Not all type has to be “good type,” whatever that means. It should be designed with thought and care and craft. It should be supremely usable. But it should aim beyond usability toward (trust me: this is the right word) yumminess.