The Gelato

The Gelato is a type foundry set up by me, Thitawan Noenpoempisut (I-Tim), a type designer from Thailand. "The Gelato" relates to the meaning of my nickname "I-Tim" which means ice cream! I want all my customers to feel fun and enjoy whenever they see the variety of my products as if they are choosing their favorite gelato flavors! Ever since I was young, I have always been interested in letters, shapes, and all. I love to spend time creating pretty fonts, letters, calligraphy, and wordings in my English class notebook. I started to dig deeper and create fonts as a hobby in my second year at my university, although my major was nowhere near designs. Looking back at it now, I believe that what I love doing is connecting the dots to my career. After my graduation in 2022, I decided to make my hobby a career and keep up-level my skills to create higher and higher quality of typefaces and beautiful things!