Thomas Kennedy
Working with letters is something I started back in 1989 when I started working for Baldwin Designs, a wood sign company in Concord, Massachusetts. I went there after school and learned how to hand carve letters into wood. Then I continued my education by taking the 2-year full-time course in sign painting at Butera School of Art in Boston, courses with Jay Cooke at Vermont Sign School, night school programs on graphic design at the Art Institute of Boston, and I was lucky to receive a 4-day semi-private class on reverse glass painting & gilding from Rick Glawson at Fine Gold Sign Co. in Wilmington, CA. Signs, letters, and advertising started to take me over and I became a hazard on the roads as I was trying to drive while signs kept catching my eyes. Font design did not come to me until 1998 when I started designing some script letters that I loved from some old adverising. That fizzled out until the year 2001 when I managed to complete a script font being motivated by Chuck Davis at LetterheadFonts. The response was much better than I expected, so I continued on with more fonts. With my passion being in antique advertising and sign design, my goal was to design fonts that worked well recreating old advertising style designs. I hope these fonts, offered under the foundry name of Thomas Kennedy, help as a tool to achieve a look that let your design stand out from the rest! Tom grew up in Concord, Massachusetts, and now resides in Sweden.

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