Titus Nemeth
Titus Nemeth is a type designer, typographer, and historian. His internationally recognised practice spans commercial and cultural work, with a focus on Arabic and multilingual design. Titus’s research interests revolve around Arabic typographic history, and the history of the book, technology, and design. His publications reflect his activity in two spheres and seek to bridge historical research and contemporary design practice. Titus has taught typographic design at schools in Austria, France, Morocco, Qatar, and the UK. His original type designs have won multiple internationally renowned awards and are widely used for complex, cross-cultural, visual communication. Titus’ practice combines the making and the use of type, as he is convinced that both aspects inform each other: ‘the better I understand how type is used, the better I can design for it’. Titus holds a PhD, and an MA in Typeface Design, from the University of Reading, UK, and a diploma in Graphic Design from Die Graphische in Vienna, Austria. He has taught type design and typography at a number of schools in France, Morocco, Qatar, and the United Kingdom.

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