TSfonts Type Studio

TSfonts type Studio was founded by Tarek Alsawwa in 2019 and is based in Istanbul, Turkey. We have developed a strong library of beautiful fonts, which we own and license to designers, advertisers, and brands. And, we are constantly crafting and adding new fonts to keep our body of work fresh and relevant.Based on our founding principle of “product accuracy,” our fonts combine authentic rules and modern skills. We believe that taking care of Arabic letters increases the aesthetic value of the visual word, so we are always keen on research and development to ensure that we keep pace with the evolution of the art of font design.Our retail catalog features fonts suitable for a complete range of use. They can be licensed for use across physical and digital applications. We have designed custom fonts for international clients such as National Housing Company (NHC), Bllor Marketing and Advertising Company, Focus Advertising Agency, Canva, and many more.We have also developed a powerful service offer, centered around good design and custom licensing that helps us deliver exactly what our clients need with a practical, flexible approach to make things simple and cost-effective for our clients.Our new vision: