TwelveTimesTwo is a new foundry created by Yiorgos Yiacos, a designer from Athens, Greece. Yiorgos was completely fascinated by letters and the many forms they can take from an early age. That was what led him to study design and work first as a graphic designer and illustrator and later as an art director and font designer (co-founding two successful design studios in the process). Now, with almost two decades of professional experience, it is time to do work purely "for the love of the game".The goal is to provide potential clients with original and modern display fonts which are ideal for the creation of memorable logos, headlines and titles. In order to make things for the designer using them as easy as possible our fonts are functional with most Extended Latin, Greek and Extended Cyrillic scripts, thus ensuring a broad implementation range. Taking advantage of the possibilities that the Open Type format provides designers with, our fonts are enriched with characteristics like stylistic alternates, standard and discretionary ligatures, localised forms, etc.Our first font, The Comeback Font, was released in 2017. The second one, Rubber B, is available now. They will be followed by our first variable font, sometime in 2021.For custom enquiries please contact: [email protected]