TypeType Team
TypeType is a tight-knit team of designers, font designers and managers who strive to create a large number of high quality typefaces with a broad implementation range at affordable prices. Our team unites people who represent different countries and continents. Thanks to such cultural diversity, our projects are truly unique and global. TypeType Team consists of full-time employees and invited specialists who take part in special projects. Full-time TypeType Team: Ivan Gladkikh (Typefaces), Aleksandr Kudryavtsev (Management), Irina Gladkova (Collaboration), Sasha Denisov (Marketing), Vika Usmanova, Nadyr Rakhimov, Olexa Volochay, Dmitry Greshnev, Tanya Cherkiz, Pavel Emelyanov, Philipp Nurullin. Invited specialists: Maria Mizernitskaya, Olga Yumartova, Svetlana Malyshko, Konstantin Biryukov, Katya Kistrin, Alena Korobanova, Eugenia Pestova, Yuliana Morgun, Misha Panfilov, Dmitry Grekov

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