Creative team of type devotees with artistic approach. Olivera Stojadinovic is professionally involved in type design for more than two decades. She has released several typefaces for International Typeface Corporation: ITC Aspera, ITC Rastko (2000), ITC Hedera (2001), ITC Resavska, ITC Resavska Sans (2004), ITC Anima (2006). She won the annual Type Directors Club Award for ITC Aspera, in 2001. Her first typefaces are based on calligraphy, then she created several large serif and sanserif families. Humanist quality of her typefaces is based on handmade sketches evolved into stylized shapes. Her recent families are multilingual, produced by multiple master technique, using advantages of Open Type programming. Slavko Milenkovic is a painter and graphic artist with affection for lettering. His typefaces are developed as art projects in less formal style. He is an artistic and advisory part of the team.