When I say "Wundes foundry" what I mean is 'me'. I am a single designer who's career, (after delivering pizza for a few years) has been made up of layouts for websites, CD covers, and Flash actionscript programming. I did some illustrator scripting for Robbie of the Wilton Foundry, and he told me that if you look at all the work that goes into making a font, you quickly realize that at the prices they are sold for, you're almost giving them away. Being a decent artist and a terrible businessman, I thought, what a great idea, and so here I am. After building my first font, I can say I now understand what he was talking about. Each font, by any designer is, and HAS to have been a labor of love or it would never have been completed. What I look for when creating a font, is a unique way to blend imagery and typography, so the final product becomes a synthesis of symbol and object.