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Bullet Numbers

par Wiescher Design
Styles individuels à partir de $9.50
Famille complète de 8 polices: $49.50
Bullet Numbers Font la famille était conçu par Gert Wiescher et publié par Wiescher Design. Bullet Numbers contient 8 styles et des offres familiales.

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A propos de Bullet Numbers Police Famille

This is a must read!!! BulletNumbers come in very handy for all kinds of lists that don't exceed 100 categories. I have long since been using my own BulletNumbers in positive and negative and four styles, serif, sans, engravers and script, a fitting one for every occasion. Now I perfected them for all of you. Here is how to use them: (Important! Set letterspacing to '0', otherwise the two digit numbers will overlap!!!) The numbers 1-0 reside on the standard keys. Two digit numbers 01-99 can be composed out of left and right half circles by using (lowercase) 'abcdefghij' for the first digit (left half circle) and 'lmnopqrstu' for the second digit (right half circle). The critical pairs (all combinations with 1) can be found in various places. Type '!' for 10, '#' for 11, '$' 12, '%' for 13, '&' for 14, '(' for 15, ')' for 16, '*' for 17, '+' for 18, ',' for 19, '-' for 21, '.' for 31, '/' for 41, ':' for 51, ';' for 61, '?' for 81, '_' for 91. The two arrows are on the < and > keys. '100' can be found with shift+option+1. Last but not least, the capital letter bullets A-Z can be found on the shift+letter A-Z. Yours very practical Gert Wiescher

Concepteurs : Gert Wiescher

Éditeur : Wiescher Design

Fonderie : Wiescher Design

Fonderie d'origine : unknown

Maître d'ouvrage : Wiescher Design

MyFonts débout : 23 février 2005

Chiffres à puces

À propos Wiescher Design

Le studio munichois du graphiste et créateur de caractères Gert Wiescher. Consultez sa page personnelle pour plus d'informations !

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