Electronic Docs Licensing

Whether you need a font that will set the tone for your Electronic Docs or one with an editorial flare for your periodicals, you’ll find it here. Choose one of our fonts available with an Electronic Docs license when creating layouts for publications intended for Kindles, iPads or other eReaders.

The price of an Electronic Docs license depends on the number of publications you intend to embed the font into: one issue of a magazine requires one license, just as one electronic book requires a one-time license purchase. So, when your book tops the bestsellers list, MyFonts won’t rain on your parade; the license is valid for an unlimited number of copies downloaded.

Updated versions of publications that are free to previous customers do not need a new license; otherwise, each new version released counts as a separate publication. Regional or format variations of a work do not count as separate publications.

If you just need a font to create a cover image, purchase a desktop license.

An Electronic Docs license is valid for file formats such as PDF, EPUB 2.01, EPUB 3, and KF8.

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