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DIN Next Slab’s Well-Earned Success «

DIN Next Slab’s Well-Earned Success


Allan Haley in News on December 11, 2014

The new DIN Next™ Slab suite of typefaces has been one of the most popular new additions to the Linotype Library. While we believe in every new addition to one of our libraries, we also know that predicting the popularity of new releases is a challenging proposition.

Monotype’s Type Director, Akira Kobayshi, clearly had no trepidation about adding slab serifs to the DIN Next family. “Slab serif typefaces are in demand today,” he explained, “and I felt confident that developing a slab serifed addition to the DIN Next family would result in a commanding new design.”

DIN Next Slab

“At first, I thought that we would have to delay development of the design,” he continues. “Our internal design team was very busy with other projects and I knew that they would be occupied for some time. Fortunately, Sandra Winter, a freelance designer I’ve worked with before, was available to collaborate on the project and this enabled us to move things along quite quickly.”

Even with the additional help, the designers (Kobayshi as art director and Winter taking on most of the design responsibilities) worked on the family for over a year. At seven weights, each with a complementary italic design, the completed DIN Next Slab typefaces give the original DIN Next family the diversity of a complementary suite of serif designs. In addition, the slab serif collection of typefaces are versatile and robust communication tools in their own right.

DIN Next Slab

The new designs are available as either desktop fonts through, and available as Web fonts through Standard, Pro, and Master Web Fonts subscriptions. In addition, the complete DIN Next family is available as both Web fonts and desktop fonts through Pro and Master subscription plans.

DIN Next

As a special introductory offer, you can get all 14 fonts of the DIN Next Slab family for just $99! Want to give the family a try?  The medium weight of DIN Next Slab is available at no charge. Simply load the selection into your shopping cart and check out. Learn more about the DIN Next Slab family!