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Art Deco

Noah Nazir
Last edited August 14, 2018
Remember to pillage before you burn

The Handel Gothic™ typeface has been a mainstay of graphic communication for over 40 years - all the while looking as current as tomorrow. Designed by Don Handel in the mid-1960s, and used in the 1973 United Airlines logo developed by Saul Bass, Handel Gothic was an instant success when released to the graphic design community. Its generous lowercase x-height, full-bodied counters and square... Read More

Dogs have owners, cats have staff

Avenida was created by architect and designer John Chippindale in 1994 and is a constructed typeface that leaves a cool, sophisticated impression. John Chippindale based Avenida's design on the lettering styles he found on buildings constructed in the 1930s and 1940s in Spain's Aldalucian region. The elegant Avenida is reminiscent of the show and movie advertisements from the 1920s, and has a... Read More

He who laughs last thinks slowest

Aldous Vertical is a headline typeface designed by Walter Huxley in 1935. The Aldous Vertical font is a monoline all-capitals design, good for logos and titling.

Please no bomb into the ash here

Mekanik font is the work of British artist David Quay and as the name suggests, this geometric typeface reflects the simplicity of mechanical sans serif type design. It is an echo of the type styles developed by the Soviet Constructivists in the early 1920s. Mekanik font is excellent for use where a feeling of precision and strength is desired.

Stop, I do not eat junk mail

Modified Gothic is an art deco titling face developed by the Linotype Design Studio. This typeface includes the following features: letterforms drawn with a monoweight line, a relatively narrow character base, proportionally altered "small caps" in lieu of a lower case, and a distinctly round feeling.Use Modified Gothic anytime you need to evoke the spirit of the roaring 20s! Modified Gothic... Read More

Humor is reason gone bad

Breeze is a fun font from Frank Marciuliano where the letters are formed like the sails from the boat. He may have been inspired from the sailboats which he sees on the walks along the shore on the Hudson River. There are two forms available. Left and right define the direction of the blowing wind.

Living to fry the beef rice

ITC Vintage is a collaborative effort by California designer Holly Goldsmith and Ilene Strizver. It was inspired by several character shapes found in an all caps headline from a 1915 magazine advertisement. Working under Strizver's art direction, Goldsmith sketched the remaining caps in pencil on vellum, revised them, and after scanning them, added the final adjustments in Fontographer. It... Read More

This freezer is out of control

ITC Luna is the work of Japanese designer Akira Kobayashi. He turned to the designs of the 1930s for his inspiration for both ITC Luna and ITC Silvermoon. "Luna is designed to fill the gap between a pure Art Deco display face and an ordinary text face," says Kobayashi. "It has an Art Deco style but is still fairly easy to read. It can be used in short passages of text. As for individual... Read More

Move fast and break stuff

Carlton is based on a typeface designed by Prof. F. H. Ehmcke. In 1908, Ehmcke released his Ehmcke-Antiqua design through the Flinsch typefoundry in Germany. Ehmcke-Antiqua was later distributed by the Bauer typefoundry in Frankfurt am Main.The Caslon Letter Foundry in England discovered the design and released their own typeface based upon the model, which they named Carlton. Carlton entered... Read More

Stuff in palm treasure crayfish

Modeled after a 1928-1928 design by M.F. Benton -- Broadway --, TC Broadway is ideal for show posters and signs for restaurants and boutiques. The TC Broadway font has strong contrasting strokes, and as such is only suitable for short lines.

The best things in life are furry

Manhattan was designed in 1970 for ITC by Tom Carnase, who also created Avant Garde Gothic. The distinguishing characteristic of this designer's work is found in the emphasis on the thick-thin constrast. In this case, Carnase approached the border of the impossible. The heavy vertical strokes stand opposite the finest of lines and the thick columns dominate the overall look. The basic forms... Read More

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Charles Gibbons
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Morris Fuller Benton
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John Roshell

Morris Fuller Benton
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Comicraft Design
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Gert Wiescher
Wiescher Design 1985
Michael Doret
Alphabet Soup 2009
John Chippindale
ITC 1994
Morris Fuller Benton
Bitstream 1928
Walter Huxley
David Quay
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Linotype Design Studio
Lucian Bernhard
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Frank Marciuliano
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Holly Goldsmith and Ilene Strizver
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Akira Kobayashi
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Esselte Letraset and F.H. Ehmcke
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Tom Carnase
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