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Last edited August 02, 2014
Don’t drink a car under alcohol

Curlz is designed to look like bent, twisted metal. The Curlz font is best used for impudent, carefree titles. Curlz is appropriate for menus, signage and greetings cards.

Chicken rude and unreasonable

Gigi is the work of California artist Jill Bell. Its informal features and abundance of surprises make it a charming font, with the spontaneity of handwriting. Tight curlicues on many of the letters, particularly the capitals, are reminiscent of a Parisian schoolgirl's script. Gigi is a delightful face, ideal for joyous events or for use in the fashion arena.

Entering shop by stroller you decline

Lambada font is the work of British designer David Quay, a font with a Latin American look. It should be used with closer letter and word spacing. Lambada will create eye-catching headlines and is perfect for wherever a festive appearance is desired.

Beware the hobby that eats

Marguerita is the work of designer David Quay, a pseudo-Latin, 1950s concept based on a copperplate script. The capitals are meant as initials only. Marguerita is idea when a cheerful, light-hearted effect is desired.

Please do not chase slapstick

Party was designed by Carol Kemp. It is a wild, intoxicating typeface. The capitals can be used alone or as initials for the lowercase. Many alternate characters and ligatures are included, as well as a selection of party-themed illustrations. No better way to set the tone for fun than with the Party font.

Beware of explosive dogs

ITC Riva is the work of English designer Martin Wait and appeared with ITC in 1994. Its letters form gently flowing words and sentences and the light stroke contrast makes the font stable yet lively. The contemporary typefaces of the 18th century influenced the forms of ITC Riva and its overall image brings to mind flowing white sundresses, fields of flowers and tea parties. Perfect for... Read More

Humor is reason gone bad

Scriptease is the temperamental creation of Phill Grimshaw, based on the forms of copperplate typefaces. At the same time, the playful forms display a variety of Rococo elements. Richly ornamented with vivacious swirls, especially on the capitals, the forms of this font dance across the paper. The capitals can also be used as initials combined with other alphabets. Scriptease looks as... Read More

No news is the mother of invention

Jill Bell's typefaces are energetic, highly decorative, and refreshingly unpredictable. Some are friendly and childlike, while others are rough and nervous. Her latest creation is ITC Swank, a connected script whose "shabby-chic" sophistication communicates a worn elegance. Bell begins the design process "with black stuff on white paper," she explains, preferring to draw letters before she... Read More

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Jill Bell
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David Quay
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David Quay
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Carol Kemp
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Martin Wait
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Phill Grimshaw
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Garrett Boge, Kathy Schinhofen and Myron McVay
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