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Faux Cyrillic Fonts

Stephen Coles
Last edited November 02, 2015
ITC Stenberg

These fonts stylize Latin characters in an attempt to emulate the look of the Cyrillic alphabet. These options can be seen as insensitive stereotyping of Russian culture, but if used with care there are scenarios where they can be appropriate.

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Entering shop by stroller you decline

ITC Stenberg was designed by Tagir Safeyev based on the forms characteristic of the Constructivism in the early days of the USSR. The brothers Vladimir and Georgii Stenberg were two of the creative artists of this movement who were turning older forms to revolutionary use. ITC Stenberg has a caps and small caps alphabet and is available in a bold and an inline version.

Tagir Safayev
Tagir Safayev
ITC 1998