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Inline: Ornamental Fill

Stephen Coles
Last edited May 22, 2014

There are a number of engraved, hand tooled, or inline serif faces with a decorative fill. These are great for packaging or logotypes with a antique or hispanic feel. Many of these families also include a solid companion font for to simplify adding color to the fill. And one member of this list, MVB Celestia Adornado comes from a full family of text and display fonts for a complete type system.

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Braise in soy, burnt sneak away

Bertie was designed by Alan Meeks in 1986, an ornamented typeface with a light and elegant look. Such typefaces were at their peak in the middle of the 19th century, when they were created for the advertisements of booming industries. The sophisticated Bertie is based on forms of the transitional period and is best used in headlines with point sizes of 18 or larger to highlight its unique... Read More

Beware the hobby that eats

Zaragoza is the work of British designer Phill Grimshaw, a bold and beautifully rendered script which incorporated an internal zigzag decoration. Generous capitals harmonize with a lowercase that should be set close to reproduce the look of true handwriting.

Take luggage of foreigner no charge

Monotype Gallia's design was initially developed by Wadsworth A. Parker for the American Type Founders (ATF) in 1927. Monotype released its own version in 1928. Its style is embodied with the spirit of the American Art Deco age and the Roaring 20s. It makes a superb headline selection, and has also been used effectively for packaging as well. Also try the typeface on signage, menus,... Read More

Go ahead, make my day

The first metal type version of Chevalier was released by the Haas Type Foundry in Switzerland. In 1946, E. A. Neukomm created the original design - the striped version in all capitals. The family was later expanded to include two more variations: one of initials and the other of an open version without the horizontal lines. In addition to these, all three fonts now have small caps in the... Read More

Nick Curtis
Bitstream 2003
Alan Meeks
ITC 1985
Phill Grimshaw
ITC 1995
Wadsworth A. Parker
Monotype 1928
Emil A. Neukomm
Linotype 1946