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Rundfunk Alternatives

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Noah Nazir
Last edited August 16, 2018

Rundfunk is a condensed font which features an unusual lowercase with an extremely low x-height and high tail ascenders that align with the capitals. It is a reworking of the original designed by Adolf Behrmann for the Berthold type foundry in 1928. Rundfunk font is ideal for projecting the look and mood of the 1930s.

Beware of geeks bearing formulas

ITC Mona Lisa was designed by Pat Hickson, a stark and elegant typeface originally drawn in the 1930s by Albert Auspurg. The original drawings were long gone and the surviving metal type was already severely worn when Hickson studied Auspurg's design for his recreation. The result is a typeface which melds the flavor of the 1930s with current design standards. ITC Mona Lisa displays all the... Read More

No tails in the disorder please

Sackers Roman is an engraver, all-capitals family for invitations and stationery. The letters have strong contrast between thin and thick strokes. See also Sackers Gothic,Sackers Square Gothic,Sackers Script,and Sackers Classic Roman.

Meat fried cat ear the plate

Metropolis was designed by W. Schwerdtner and released in 1928. The tapered strokes give the impression of height. The Metropolis font family shares an attractive, informal headline design.

Dying here is strictly prohibited

Birch was designed in 1990 by Kim Buker Chansler, who based her forms on the designs of the turn of the 20th century. The new age needed new typefaces for an ever-increasing commerce and its advertisements. This time period therefore saw a profusion of new typefaces, all of which were meant first and foremost to catch the eye of consumers. To this end, style elements of past ages were... Read More

Today is under construction

In 1931, Morris Fuller Benton created the Stymie typeface for the American Type Founders (ATF). Later weights were later added by Sol Hess at Lanston Monotype and Gary Powell at ATF. Stymie, a redesign of the Inland Type Foundry's Rockwell Antique, could also be viewed as a reworking of a slab serif types that were popular in Europe at that time, like Memphis or Beton. For the past 150 years,... Read More

Tether even a roasted chicken

Zeitgeist is a design exploitation of digital technology, the letters being built up in the style of low resolution bit maps. All design was carried out on screen. Intended to capture attention, the Zeitgeist font family is augmented by a range of engaging and colorful alternative letterforms and swash characters. Use Zeitgesit in advertising, comics, flyers, wherever lighthearted impact is... Read More

Danger! Dinosaur area, keep out

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Latino is the work of British designer David Quay, an unusual, condensed, wedge-serif roman typeface. The characters can be set normally... Read More

A. Pat Hickson
ITC 1991
Monotype.Design Studio
Lucian Bernhard
Bitstream 1990
W. Schwerdtner
Monotype 1929
Isay Slutsker
Monotype.Design Studio
Kim Buker Chansler
Adobe 1990
Morris Fuller Benton
Linotype 1931
Alexandra Korolkova, Vladimir Yefimov and Olga Umpeleva
Gert Wiescher
Wiescher Design 2005
Dave Farey, Arlette Boutros, Richard Dawson and Mourad Boutros
Monotype 2008

Michael Johnson
Monotype 1990

David Quay
ITC 1988
Nick Shinn