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Gorgeous Initials

A list containing good fonts with beautiful initials.

Ivo Gabrowitsch
Last edited July 06, 2016

An Initial is a letter at the beginning of a word, a paragraph, or chapter that is larger than the rest of the text. Initials are often several lines in height and sometimes ornately decorated. Typefaces containing initials are not meant to be used as full words, but each letter instead for individual use. They should be used way more often, even on websites and in ebooks. Therefore I made this list, which is subject to grow further.

Species with vogue synchronous

Part of the Amster Super Family, this single weight is ideal if you want to add some scary tone to your text.

Smile, It confuses people

Either a good alternative or addition to FF Scala Jewel.

The Arlt super family pays tribute to the writings of Roberto Arlt, Argentinian writer from early 20th c. who wrote some original novels,... Read More

Miscellaneous bacteria pot monsters

Inspired by dinosaurs! DI-NO-SAURS! Check the Negative version.

ITC Dinitials is the work of German designer Helga Joergensen. "When I started drawing the first of them, I was very much inspired by... Read More

Please take care of the bamboo

The squares around each character provide some interesting design options.

FF Stealth is one of four fonts in the “FF FUSE Classics” package. This is a small collection of some of the most interesting designs... Read More

Survivors will be shot again

This could become your typographic Circus Maximus.

This shop does not receive the dog

Back to the Nineties!

You don’t need us to tell you what this typeface is good for. Just be on the lookout for this multi-code alphabet on record sleeves,... Read More

I doubt, therefore I could be

If you have a book to design about Maya ruins, this could be your perfect choice.

The modular type system FF Stoned is made up of 15 fonts: the basis font FF Stoned Normal, an overlay font FF Stoned Scratches, and 13... Read More

One step ahead to civilization

An initials classic. You can chose between the Linotype version (3 weights available) …

The first metal type version of Chevalier was released by the Haas Type Foundry in Switzerland. In 1946, E. A. Neukomm created the... Read More

Help oneself terminating machine

Baroque with a touch of the 1950s.

Smaragd is a light and gracious font especially appropriate for titles and cards. It is Gudrun Zapf von Hesse's interpretation of Baroque... Read More

No burning enter this place

Subtle. Very subtle. Well, in fact almost invisible.

The “FF Dirty Faces 3” package is a collection of seven grunge fonts from the 1990s: FF A Lazy Day, FF Littles, FF Motive (Light, Regular... Read More

Living to fry the beef rice

Many of Gert Wiescher’s fonts could be part of this list, but this one stands out. Check the uppercase ‘O’.

The grass is smiling at you

Trajanish, yet different. Four complete different styles.

Stevens Titling™, a collaborative work of the both calligraphers John Stevens and Ryuichi Tateno, is a suite of four fonts: Sable Brush,... Read More

Species with vogue synchronous

For Shakespeare, Goethe and other classics.

Augustea was designed by Alessandro Butti and Aldo Novarese and is one of the most popular classical, monumental letterforms featureing a... Read More

Don’t treat me like a potato

Webfonts available. Just sayin’.

Ivory is inspired by a beautiful typeface used in an illustrated compendium of Pomology, the botanic study and cultivation of fruit,... Read More

Stick to coffee and alcohol

For the erotic touch in your design work.

I doubt, therefore I could be

Check out the layers – endless opportunities.

Francisco Gálvez
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Alejandro Lo Celso
Helga Jörgenson
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Malcolm Garrett
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Gert Wiescher
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Theo Nonnen
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Emil A. Neukomm
Linotype 1946
Gudrun Zapf-von Hesse
Linotype 1953
Simone May
FontFont 1995
Gert Wiescher
Wiescher Design 2005
Ryuichi Tateno and John Stevens
Linotype 2011
Aldo Novarese and Alessandro Butti
ITC 1951

Neil Summerour
Positype 2012