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Serif: Bracketed Modern Display

Stephen Coles
Last edited May 04, 2014

These (mostly Angloamerican) typefaces in the “Modern” or “Didone” class of serifs have a high contrast — though often less so than Bodoni and its relatives — and are further distinguished by their bracketed serifs. Though not usually classified as slab serifs, they are closely related in structure to Clarendons and Ionics. This style of Modern type was popular in the 1800s and is seeing a resurgence today, especially in newspapers.

The typefaces on this page, with their delicate hairlines and showy details, are best suited for display settings and headlines. See this set for text options.

See also Extra Bold Didone.

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Modern typefaces refer to designs that bear similarities to Bodoni and other Didone faces, which were first created during the late 1700s. Ed Benguiat developed ITC Modern No. 216 in 1982 for the International Typeface Corporation (ITC). Showing a high degree of contrast between thick and thin strokes, as well as a large x-height, this revival is more suited to advertising display purposes than... Read More

Edward Benguiat
ITC 1982
Gustav F. Schroeder
Bitstream 1890
Heinrich Wilhelm Hoffmeister
Edward Benguiat