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Spiky Serif

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Yves Peters
Last edited August 04, 2016
Wit is educated insolence

Berthold Wolpe designed Albertus from 1932 to 1940, with Albertus Titling being released first, and the lowercase a few years later. Stanley Morison commissioned the face for Monotype in England and named it after Albert the Great, medieval scientist and philosopher. Wolpe based the type on the lettering he did on bronze tablets. Such inscriptions were made by cutting back the ground around the... Read More

Marinated fish balls rice noodles

Friz Quadrata font is the work of a number of collaborators. The first weight was created by Swiss designer Ernst Friz and made its first international appearance with the design release of Visual Graphics Corporations. ITC then arranged with VGC so that Victor Caruso could add a bold weight to the original. Finally, in 1992, French designer Thierry Puyfoulhoux designed italic weights for... Read More

Dogs have owners, cats have staff

ITC Élan combines a gothic simplicity with elegance in a distinctive yet subtle typeface design. There is also a feeling of architectural strength which is derived primarily from an optically even line-weight and a sense of vertical stress. The small, almost Latin, serifs add distinction at both display and text sizes. The large x-height, minimum stroke variance, and open counters are ideal... Read More

Meat fried cat ear the plate

ITC Quorum was designed by Ray Baker to neatly fill the gap between serif and sans serif. The typeface displays a distinctive, subtle design that illustrates a gothic simplicity. Baker cleverly combined traditional and formal letterform elements with contemporary design considerations and aesthetics. ITC Quorum is an excellent choice for advertising and publication graphics.

Please do not sit on crocodile

ITC Symbol font was designed by Aldo Novarese, a simple, straightforward design of understated elegance. It has just the hint of a serif to aid legibility. Book and medium weights have a light, even color and are perfectly complemented by the bold and black weights. The italics are clear and simple, a comfortable companion to the roman.

This freezer is out of control

Cantoria was designed by Ron Carpenter in 1986. It is a serif font with characteristics of stone cut letters. Distinguished by its open forms and large capitals and available in 10 weights, Cantoria offers a wide range of possible applications.

Berthold Wolpe
Monotype 1940
Ernst Friz
ITC 1965
Albert Boton

Albert Boton
ITC 1985
Ray Baker
ITC 1977
Aldo Novarese
ITC 1984
Ron Carpenter
Monotype 1986