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These typefaces have upper- and lowercase letterforms that share the same height (with a few exceptions).

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Perla is a larger-than-life unicase typeface that references 18th-century Didot as well as contemporary and expressive Cyrillic and Greek-derived letterforms. It combines simple and sparse letterforms with a spirit of fluidity. With its artful combination of flowing curves and contrasting lines, it makes a powerful but individualistic statement that easily stands out in a crowd.

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The designer of ITC Medea , Silvio Napoleone said: “I've always had an interest in early letter shapes, particularly how they influenced modern typographic designs. While I was on vacation in Greece, I had a chance to see, first-hand, examples of early letterforms and typography. They really made an impression on me.” The idea of combining the ancient and the modern to create something new was... Read More

Gareth Hague
Alias 2002
Nick Shinn
Shinntype 2021
Craig Eliason
Teeline Fonts 2010
Alejandro Paul and Alfredo Graziani

Nick Shinn
Silvio Napoleone
ITC 2003