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Manual: Pull Quotes | Myfonts

Manual: Pull Quotes

The best pull quotes are dramatic, thought-provoking, and enticing.

Dealing with a long block of text copy with nothing but words? Something with no photos or illustrations, no graphic elements, no subheads – just line after line of text. Want to spice it up? Need to maintain your reader’s attention? Try pull quotes.

Pull quotes are a small selection of text, treated as a stand-alone quote, in a longer block of text. They can be framed by rule lines, placed within the article, span multiple columns, or be placed in an empty column near the article. Pull quotes can also provide a teaser that entices the reader into the text.


If this sounds like a good idea to you, the first step is finding the right quote.

  • Pull quotes should be dramatic, thought-provoking, or enticing excerpts to capture the reader’s attention.
  • The best pull quotes don’t give away too much. They’re teasers, not summaries. Their job is to keep the reader in the document to the last paragraph.
  • Good pull quotes are visually short. The best are no more than four or five lines. Long pull quotes are more demanding on the reader – and harder to make visually attractive.

Once you’ve got your quote, consider the following to guarantee its effectiveness.

  • Set it in a larger size or use a different typeface. You might want to highlight the quote with rules or put it in a shaded box.
  • Using oversized quotation marks, centering it in a column, or having it cross two columns of text, also works.
  • Consistency with pull quotes is important. Use the same typeface, size, graphic elements, and color for all pull quotes in a document.
  • Keep adequate space between pull quotes and adjoining text, and don’t place it too close to the text quoted. The apparent double copy can confuse the reader.

Pull quotes can be powerful marketing tools. Their posts in social media can generate hundreds of re-posts. They can serve as memory-points to generate recall, and ensure that the document will be read to its conclusion. Give pull quotes the same attention to detail you would any prominent communication element: have a reason for using them, and treat them respect. You’ll be rewarded with a dynamic and powerful document.

Download a PDF version of the Manual: Pull Quotes.

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