Alexandra Korolkova
Alexandra Korolkova is a type designer, teacher, book designer, and calligrapher. 2003; she studied type design in Alexander Tarbeev's Type Design Workshop in Moscow State University of Printing Arts. 2005: awarded for excellence in typeface design at TypeArt'05 Cyrillic competition in Display category. 2006-present: teaches type design & calligraphy in several Moscow graphic design high schools. 2007: became a member of Moscow Union of Artists. 2007, 2008: a book for students on typography(Live Typography) was published and re-issued by IndexMarket. 2008, 2009: spoke at Svyato Kirilicy conference (Kharkov, Ukraine) and participated in the type design exhibition of that event. 2008: awarded at Golden Bee graphic design biennale in New Cyrillic nomination. 2008: spoke at ATypI conference in St. Petersburg. 2009: awarded for excellence in typeface design at Modern Cyrillic type design competition in Superfamilies and Display category.

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