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by Michael Rafailyk
Individual Styles from $9.00
Complete family of 5 fonts: $25.00
Forestory Font Family was designed by Michael Rafailyk and published by Michael Rafailyk. Forestory contains 5 styles and family package options.

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About Forestory Font Family

Forestory is a typeface that was born among the trees. Its natural curly shapes are filled with the magic of a forest full of stories.

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Contextual Alternates: FF GG KK MM OO SS TT ZZ cc dd ee hh jj nn oo pp rr ss ww yy zz ГГ ПП бб λλ.

Stylistic Alternates: ABDFGKMNOPRSTZabcdefghjmnopqrswz АБВГЖКЛМОПРТФЬЪЫЯабеёорсьъы ΑΒΓΖΚΜΝΟΠΡΤΦΆβδλορϲφ ÀÁÂÃÄÅĄĂĀẢẠẮẰẲẴẶẤẦẨẪẬÆĎĐÐĞĢŘŔŖàáâãäåąăāảạắằẳẵặấầẩẫậæďđèéêëěęēėẻẽẹếềểễệğģ 269.

Stylistic Set: Unclosed (ss01). This set reveals the closed letterforms, making the typeface even more curly.

Ligatures: VB VD VE VF VP VR WB WD WE WF WP WR YB YD YE YF YP YR ax cs cx es ex gp gr qp qr ux vr wr (+ their stylistic alternates). These ligatures are designed to connect some characters in a more natural way.

The typeface includes Latin, Greek, Cyrillic scripts and supports up to 104 languages.

The promo images used photos of Andie Venzl and Sarah Chai from Pexels.

Designers: Michael Rafailyk

Publisher: Michael Rafailyk

Foundry: Michael Rafailyk

Design Owner: Michael Rafailyk

MyFonts debut: Sep 7, 2021


About Michael Rafailyk

Michael Rafailyk is a Type Designer from Ukraine specialized on Latin, Greek, Cyrillic scripts. He like to take strange and unpopular ideas and make them usable. Thanks to many years of experience working with branding, Michael is well aware of the role typefaces play in the communication between the brand and the customer. At the same time, his experience in musical composition came in handy in the sense of rhythm and the overall visual harmony in the text.

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