Michael Rafailyk

Michael Rafailyk is a brand designer, illustrator, type designer and composer from Sumy, Ukraine. His whole life is connected with creativity. In 2003 earned a bachelor of music composition and conductor of orchestra at the Bortnianski Art & Music College. From that time began to compose music for piano and 8-string guitar. This experience helped him to put more emotion in design as a whole. Michael believes that combining different types of art brings an interesting experience to the result.

In 2007 earned a bachelor of graphic design at the Open International University of Human Development and then until 2021 worked in a branding agency as an illustrator and graphic designer. Working with branding, he saw what kind of personality a brand gets with its own typeface. There developed a Sumy typeface for the brand of the city of Sumy as well as a Sidore typeface for the brand of Ukrainian alcoholic drinks Sidorenko. Michael love to explore and see how the typeface complements the illustration and how it reflects the brand's personality.

Michael establishing the foundry to help designers and especially illustrators give the sound to their projects. At the moment, there is ongoing work on the study of grotesque fonts, so here the foundry will publish typefaces of different classifications, but with a general focus on decorativeness.

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