Jason Castle
Jason Castle has had a love for books and lettering ever since he could read (and write). Noticing his fascination for what one teacher considered “ostentatious” handwriting, around the age of 10, Jason’s father taught him an elaborate form of calligraphy known as copperplate script (which much later became the inspiration for his digital font by that name). In his twenties — during what he calls his “medieval period” — Jason was performing medieval music and studying lettering and illumination of the Middle Ages and early Renaissance. Jason later became a computer programmer for many years, but needing a more creative outlet, eventually combined his love of computers with that of typography and started creating digital fonts. Not surprisingly, his first attempt was a face inspired by the Middle Ages, Goudy Text. While keeping his day job, Jason continued to create fonts for fun, and before long started getting commissions to digitize old typefaces, mostly from the art deco period. Eventually quitting his day job, Jason dedicated himself full-time to digital type design, reviving antique typefaces as well as creating original designs. More recent work includes custom type design for clients such as S&W Foods, Chevron, and Shiseido. A native Californian, Jason is currently studying psychology at Dominican University of California. He looks forward to finishing his degree and, hopefully, finding time to create many more typefaces. Jason releases his fonts as CastleType fonts.

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