- Joluvian
Born (1979) and raised in Venezuela, major in Graphic Design in Merida city. Most of his first years of working life he spent it traveling around a couple of countries were he learned different cultures and sides of the design. From Orlando, Florida, to Tijuana, Mexico. In 2005 returned to his country, but then to the city, Caracas, where he lived for five years working in an advertising agency as Director of art, managing national and international brands as Brahma Beer (Brazil), Peugeot, Pfizer, among others. Then he decided to enlarge his knowledge and came for a year to Madrid to study 3D, this year became into 4 years and a new process of traveling across Italy to learn more about calligraphy. He has never stop studying, know he mainly put his effort between two fields: calligraphy and illustration, a new life mixing all his knowledge in different pieces but never forgetting where he comes from and how he started… loving the vector world with illustrator software.

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