Joseph Coniglio
Joe Coniglio of Coniglio Type has been making fonts for his own personal design projects since 1995. After signing on as foundry #11 with MyFonts, he now offers them to you. Coniglio had an early start as a designer for a string of California tabloids where he learned to specify type. He later became an industrial illustrator for the world’s largest private construction company, and finally as a design director marketing for an international futures and options asset pool in greater metropolitan New York. (See the movie: Trading Places) Surrounded by snowcapped mountains, Coniglio recently relocated his design shop to the high desert canyon lands, red rocks and sagebrush of Western Colorado. His new Garnet Mesa LLC, includes Coniglio Type projects and a handful of other ventures including a large and growing analog typewriter collection, registered dairy goats, and a high fire porcelain, stoneware and tile ceramic studio. Coniglio Type is purchased and licensed around the world by entities such as McGraw-Hill, Heidelberg, Anheiser Busch, NYTimes, Discovery Channel, Universal Studios, 20th Century Fox, SNL, Frito Lay, Nickelodian, Accura, Conde Naste & Ray-O-Vac, all of which continue to use recreational type, along with new emerging groups including folk art scrapbookers.

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